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North Texas Dog Training

About Me

Summer Milroy is the owner and head trainer of On The Ball K9 Training LLC located in Denton, Texas. Summer created On The Ball K9 Training LLC in 2006 to provide dog owners with proven methodologies in training their dogs to their utmost potential. On The Ball K9 Training LLC is dedicated in staying up-to-date on various training practices and philosophies. In doing so, Summer attends seminars, schools and conferences on a continual basis to be proficient in these practices. These training opportunities allow Summer and her staff to train with some of the best trainers in the industry.

Dog Training Services


Do you have a new puppy?
We will help you get them started off on the right paw.

Basic Manners & Beyond

Do you want basic control in and around your home or complete control in any environment? 

K9 Camp Board & Train

Going on vacation? Have a busy schedule? Our board & train program is for you!

Additional Training Programs and Classes
  • Treadmill Training

  • AKC Canine Good Citizen Test

  • Private Behavioral Consultation

  • Preparing for a new baby

Online Training Program

If you are frustrated with your puppy’s non-stop chewing, play-biting, and peeing in the house, you’re in the right place. Puppy Preschool is perfect for pet owners that want to do all they can to start out right in raising their ideal companion.

We contacted several trainers and no one would help us because of the biting. But Summer of On The Ball K9 training agreed to take us on. Summer’s expertise was evident right from the start. She worked a miracle with Jake.


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